Our Vision

Dhanak is evolving and is now on much firmer footing – all thanks to our spirited volunteers.

We are a support group for people in interfaith/caste marriages/alliance and an advocacy group to address issues related to such alliances.

More specifically we see DHANAK as:

A space where people can share their personal experiences related to having a spouse from a different religious identity than their own. Through sharing we can learn how to deal effectively with some of the interesting challenges that such marriages pose.

A group that can provide relevant information to people wishing to enter an interfaith / caste marriage – the how of it.

A group that addresses stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions that exist in our society associated with interfaith / caste marriages. Also, address fears and apprehensions of parents.

A group that holds dialogue and discussions about communalism, religious intolerance and related issues.

A group advocating policy/legislative changes required to overcome some technical obstacles faced in interfaith / caste marriages, children and their religious identity.

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