About Us

Our organization is a support/advocacy group for people who are in or entering an interfaith marriage/alliance. We address issues related to such alliances.

We advocate policy/legislative changes required to overcome the technical obstacles faced in interfaith / inter-caste marriages, children and their religious identity.

We address stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions that exist in our society associated with such relationships by holding dialogue and discussions about communalism, religious intolerance and related issues.


Working to promote Right to Choice in Marriage or Relationships, and ending Honour Based Crime.


  • Dhanak is guided by its commitment to embrace the value of: Diversity, Equality, Inclusiveness and Respect
  • We strive to create an open space for promoting dialogue, learning, growing and contributing
  • We have zero-tolerance for any form of violence and fundamentalism


We envision a world in which every person has the freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage or relationships.


Dhanak is an Urdu word for rainbow, which is a beautiful yet rare phenomenon. Similarly, interfaith/caste marriages are not common in our society. Just as rich colours get together to complete a rainbow, we believe that the differences in our religious backgrounds are like different hues that add to the richness of our lives. Not only can we co-exist, we can also enhance life’s quality thanks to the diversity that comes along due to the differences in our religious identities.

Our journey began in 2005 when a few interfaith couples decided to get together with the intention to form a forum which we decided to name as Dhanak. The idea was to help people with similar backgrounds to come together and form a support structure for each other at small group & individual levels. More importantly, we wanted to counter the spread of communalism in the society.

We believe that differences in religious backgrounds bring with it some unique issues and experiences, and we understand these well. We are confident that there are many such people who believe strongly in our vision and wish to be a part of it and support it.

We invite all to join us as “Friends of Dhanak”. Dhanak also looks forward to being associated as “Networking Partners” with likeminded groups and organizations that share Dhanak’s overall perspective of universal peace & harmony.

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